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As a proprietary injection-molder for KLM Laboratories Inc., PFI manufactures the CP-3300, an injection-molded polypropylene orthotic, System_Rx custom orthotic shells, and Kiddythotics, orthotics for children.




The Result

Further study of over 133,000 pairs of orthotics shows that certain foot shapes are used much more often than

others. Of the multiple shapes in the system, 75 shapes occurred 70% of the time.

Most feet fall into a relatively small range of measurable dimensions. By example heel widths range from 47mm

to 72mm, medial arches at their apex along the 1st metatarsal shaft range from 14mm to 23mm in height,

and foot length from the posterior heel to the bisection

of the 1st metatarsal head range from 148mm to 198mm (shoe sizes 6-12).


The Product

Value System_Rx is...

• These sixty-one shapes injected molded into 4mm

rigidity polypropylene sport orthotics

• The new standard for consistent quality in functional orthotics

• Reduces orthotic costs


System_Rx evolved through a study of the mathematical relationships between the shape of the foot in it's neutral position in the negative cast, and it's corrected shape in the positive mold. These relationships are usually achieved by technicians trained in the art of biomechanics.

Mathematically, the foot is a measurable blend of three dimensional shapes, beginning with the neutral, negative cast, and ending with the corrected positive mold. The measurable difference between the two are the corrected deformity (intrinsic balancing) and the medial and lateral expansions. Simple, if the negative cast and the

corrections are both measurable, then it is possible to predetermine the corrected shape of the positive mold and the resulting orthotic.

System_Rx takes the cast data, adds in the mathematical corrections required for each patient according to the prescription of the physician, and searches our

library of thousands of pre-defined shapes. The computer identifies the appropriate shape, and a 3D CAD/CAM mill generates the corrected positive mold.



The proprietary CP-3300 shell is an injection-molded polypropylene orthotic that emulates the contours and function of a custom-made foot orthotic. The CP-3300 Insole adds further advantages to the shell by including a full-length, 1/8" Super-All-Step top cover.



Control of pronation in children is an important factor in the development of a normal gait. Kiddythotics offer a low-cost approach to the care o children's feet.


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