PFI Inc. Custom Injection Molding






PFI offers quick turn around on short or long production runs. We also offer free delivery in the Southern California region. Other services include assembly, troubleshooting and mold testing.

Custom Products

PFI Inc. specializes in small parts for small to midsize companies where we can work with your staff, reduce total costs and improve total product quality. We are a custom molder for a variety of applications including medical, industrial, and commercial parts.






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• Industrial


Caulking gun
Agricultural fittings and connectors




Water filtration and dispensing systems parts
Specialty bicycle parts
Child safe pen caps




Printer gears
Buttons and other internal parts





    •ABS •Acetal
    •Nylon 6
    •Nylon 6/6
    •Nylon 6/12
    •P/C Alloys



You have the option of stand alone tools or inserts that fit our various MUD shoes. Our in house tool shop allows us to control the whole tool making process:


•Pro/E and AutoCAD design

•Stand alone tools or MUD inserts - No problem!


We use only top quality materials and components, so when changes or repairs are needed there will be no surprises.



Our state-of-the-art Toshiba® molding machines can handle clamp tonage up to 200 tons and shot sizes to 19.2 ounces. Closed loop hydraulics with statistical process control (SPC) provide the real time quality control monitoring.


Toshiba ISG 190

Tie Bar Spacing - 20.1 in.
Shot Capacity - 19.2 oz.
Core Pull - Hydraulic
Model built in 1994


Toshiba ISG 120

Tie Bar Spacing - 16.0 in.
Shot Capacity - 8.0 oz.
Core Pull - Hydraulic
Model built in 1997


Toshiba ISG 90

Tie Bar Spacing - 14.5 in.
Shot Capacity - 4.9 oz.
Model built in 1997


Toshiba EC 45

Tie Bar Spacing - 12.6 in.
Shot Capacity - 2.0 oz
Model built in 1999


MUD Shoe Sizes

08/09 UF
94/90 UF
10/12 UF
11/11 UF
12/14 UF
14/16 UF
18/26 UF



•Nelmor Grinders

•Temtec Chillers

•Unadyne and IMS Dryers

•Material conveying by Autoloads and Mold Tec


Tel: (800)-734-5424 Fax: (800)-556-3338